Fine Art Printery Newsletter – January 2021 – Friends TV show theme

Fine Art Printery Newsletter – January 2021 – Friends TV show theme


Well yes, here we are, 2021! First, of course, happy new year to all.

A lot has happened in Fine Art Printery over the last few years, I have gone from having only one Etsy shop, to having both a shop on Etsy, and one on Shopify, then I closed the one on Shopify, and opened it on a standalone host.   then and also a Danish shop on its own domain-hotel. As well as took my Danish site down to restore and streamline it with the English.

Currently, you will find most products on it at Etsy:

The English and the Danish site have just begun their construction, but since I am alone with it, and with everything else as well, it must be expected to be a slow progress.
Nevertheless, they are active and you can find them here:

My growing progress is also slow but stable, and the lack of growth is mainly due to the fact that I don’t spend a lot of resources on marketing. It’s all a matter of finances, my workshop generates a low income, and that income already covers the expenses to such an extent that there are no profits left I can use for marketing. That is partly my own choice, since I naturally am a creator, rather than a seller. That’s is just the way it goes when I earn my living by cultivating my own interests – the love of old art. It’s not something I’m sorry about, on the contrary, I love the re-creation of illustrations.


My whole development is therefore thanks to you. Every time one of you finds me and buy a poster, and then shows it to your family and friends, you are helping  me distribute Fine Art Printery.
It’s a word of mouth marketing that I could not do without, as it gives me time to concentrate on making beautiful vintage posters.
So from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it and hope I can keep making products, for you to love and share.


As something new, I have decided that my newsletters should contain some kind of theme, and the theme of this year’s first newsletter I have chosen to be the posters seen in the TV series Friends.

Friends is a TV series that started on September 22, 1994 and did not end until after a total of 236 fantastic episodes.
In short, it’s about six friends and their lives with their ups and downs. I was about 16 years old when the series started and I did not give it much attention back then, but when the streaming services gained ground and you could watch the series without having to wait a week for the next episode, I became more curious about Friends, and today I must say that it is one of the best sitcom series to date, if you ask me.
When you watch the episodes of Friends, you experience that there are several posters in that older vintage style you usually find on Fine Art Printery.

So to unite the love of Friends and the love of older vintage posters, I have therefore done a lot of research and worked hard to be able to replicate the most beautiful of the posters that you can find in the TV series.


If you also love Friends, then you will now have the opportunity to get the well-known posters up on your own wall, and in January, February and March (2021) I’ll even give you a 20% percent discount on these posters from the TV series Friends. All you have to do when buying one of these, is to use the coupon-code: ILOVEFRIENDS

This first one is the boxing Kangaroo, a Russian poster from around 1933. In friends you can find it in Chandler and Joeys apartment on the wall just around the corner from the kitchen.

Boxing Kangaroo (Кенгуру -Боксер)
Then we have the The Excelsior Sewing Machine poster, a very simple but beautiful poster. In many episodes you find it hanging in Rachel Green’s bedroom right behind the entrance. Also it was a part of every single apartment she moved to after she stopped being roommates with Monica.
Excelsior Sewing Machine
This beautiful Jules Chéret piece with the title, Folies Bergères – La Loïe Fuller, are presumably hanging on the secretary’s wall, at Rachel Green’s office in the episodes where she works for Ralph Lauren.
Folies Berger: La Loïe Fuller
This one, also originally by Jules Chéret, is without comparison one of the most popular works of art in the TV series, Aux Buttes Chaumont: jouets et objets pour étrennes. In almost the entire series, it hangs over the television in Monica’s apartment.
Aux Buttes Chaumont: jouets et objets pour étrennes
Pierre Decourcelle made this poster in 1915 as an advertisement for Les Mystères de New York. At first it was too “modern” for my taste, but over time it has become one of my favorites. It hangs in Joey and Chandler’s apartment, in the living room to the right of the door to Chandler’s room.
Les Mystères de New York
.Maina the Clairvoyant was perhaps one of the hardest posters for me to replicate, but nonetheless, I made it work and am happy to present this in the collection as well. Maïna La Voyante is an old French poster, and can be seen in Monica’s apartment, positioned on the left of her front door.
Maïna La Voyante / Maina the Clairvoyant
Last but not least, we have the Porto Ramos-Pinto poster, featuring the two beautiful port wine loving young people. You can find this fabulous poster in the TV series, in Monica’s bedroom.
Porto Ramos-Pinto
Yes, I know there are far more posters presented in the Friends TV series, but for various reasons I have unfortunately not been able to include all posters in the series. Feel free to write me if there are specific Friends posters you are looking for, and otherwise I hope that you will be happy with the collection I have established here anyway, and that you will enjoy them as much as I do.


Every day I try to think on how I can make my business grow, and at the same time use the resources on the love of the illustrations. Do you have ideas and suggestions for what you would like to see from Fine Art Printery, and suggestions for what could be great themes in upcoming newsletters, then feel free to write to me.

Also, I hope we can face the new year together with common strength, despite the challenges the previous year may have given us.

Fine Art Printery
made with love in Scandinavia
Marius Anhalt


Remember 20% OFF , only for Friends posters featured in this newsletter and only in jan , feb and march. Use the coupon-code: ILOVEFRIENDS

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