Fine Art Printery, is the story of me, and my small but dynamic workshop at the gateway to Scandinavia, 55° North and 11° East.

A workshop where I roam the history and culture of the world, in search of amazing art heritage.
I dig through endless amounts of illustrations in the hunt of beautiful maps, botanical images, animal drawings, old propaganda posters, circus posters, and antique illuminated manuscripts, all with a beauty that should be seen by everyone and not just gather dust on a shelf.
I photograph, cleanse and beautify the illustrations digitally, and prepare them to be reprinted.

I create the illustrations in high quality genuine fine art Gicleé, on a eco-friendly woodfree antique-striped Gmund paper.
Then I pack them gently so that they can be sent to you, not just for something beautiful to the wall, but also as a piece of the legacy that created the art.

At Fine Art Printery, you will soon discover that it is not just a regular webshop.
Where it looks like a webshop, and practically works as one, it has significant areas where it differs.
With a few exceptions you find no pre-finished products in stock, the products are manufactured individually after each order. This means there is a production time before it can be shipped, but it also means that your product is personally processed and lovingly cared for, every single time.

I hope you’ll find the same love in using and having products from Fine Art Printery, as I do in finding and creating them.

Your’s sincerely

Marius Anhalt